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Crossing Bridges - UNM-ASA Conference 2013

Have you ever wanted to learn more about UNM's branch campuses and hospitals? If you have then begin your journey by taking this session and start “Crossing Bridges” for an exceptional discovery. Come join this panel of Administrative Support Professionals who support the Executive Directors at Los Alamos, Valencia, and UNM West and who support the CEO’s at the University of New Mexico Hospital and Sandoval Regional Medical Center. The panelists will offer their personal insights, experience, and suggestions on how to represent your department and executive. They will also give you an opportunity to "Cross Bridges" and learn more about their organizations.

  • When: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Where: SUB Theatre

Anne Lantrip - Los Alamos Campus

Anne Lantrip


  • Works at the UNM-Los Alamos Branch since 2011.
  • Spends 50% of time at UNM working with the Small Business Development Center.



Anne Lantrip has been with UNM-Los Alamoss since November 2011. Because the UNM Los Alamos branch is small Anne wears many hats at the campus.

She is an Administrative Assistant II and as the Recording Secretary for the Advisory Board.

In addition to her normal duties, she prepares for the Advisory Board meetings and takes minutes for the meeting.

The other 50% of her time is spent working for the small business development center of Los Alamos


Diana Gourlay - Executive Assistant: UNM West and Branch Initiatives

Diane Gourlay


  • Previous career as a Professional Chef
  • Worked at UNM for 14 years
  • Bachelor's Degree from UNM
  • Values encouragement and help from her peers



Diana moved to New Mexico from northern New Jersey in 1996 and after years of spending 8 hours a day on her feet as a professional chef, she switched gears and began working in the Benefits Office of HR in 1999.

While raising children and getting a bachelor’s along the way, Diana has worked in Speech & Hearing, BBER, Political Science and currently at UNM West.

What she values most from her years at UNM is the encouragement and help from her peers.

Ronnie McComb - Valencia Campus

Ronnie McComb


  • Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of Valencia Campus.
  • Attending UNM for a BAFA degree.
  • Loves gardening and being with family and grandchildren.



Ronnie has worked for the Executive Director of Valencia Campus for 14 years; starting as a Grade 5 temp at main campus, assigned to work for the Director within a year.

She finds the position challenging, varied and stimulating, and her CEO, co-workers and students inspiring.

Ronnie is married with two sons and 3.5 grandchildren living in England. Outside of work Ronnie is a keen gardener and is working to complete a BAFA at UNM.

Andrea Montoya - UNMH

Andrea Montoya


  • Executive Assistant to the CEO of UNMH.
  • Previously worked with high profile CEOs.
  • Originally from Santa Clara California.



Andrea Montoya is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer for the University of New Mexico Hospitals, Albuquerque, New Mexico, a position she has held since 2012.

Andrea was born and raised in Santa Clara, California and relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009. She has worked as an Executive Assistant to a number of high-profile CEO’s throughout her career.

Geraldine Vallejos - SRMC

Geraldine Vallejos


  • Executive Assistant to the CEO of Sandoval Regional Medical Center.
  • Previously worked for Albuquerque Public Schools for 14 years.
  • Native New Mexican with 2 children.
  • Die-hard LOBO Fan.



Geraldine Vallejos is the Executive Assistant to Kevin Rogols, President and CEO of UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center in Rio Rancho, NM.

Geraldine has been working at SRMC since July 30, 2012 which is her first job in healthcare. Geraldine has gained so much knowledge in all areas of the hospital.

Prior to joining the SRMC, Geraldine was employed by Albuquerque Public Schools and was very fortunate to have worked at her community school, Corrales Elementary as the head secretary for 14 years.

As a native of New Mexico, Geraldine was born and raised in Grants, NM where she graduated from Grants High School in 1985. She is number eight of nine children, seven girls and two boys and is blessed to have her parents who are both in their 80’s.

When not working Geraldine enjoys camping with her family and attending Lobo Men’s Basketball games as a die-hard Lobo fan!!